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Welcome to our ninth season of hosting fencing tournaments! This year's competitive season at SCF will be chock-full of tournaments for every level of fencing in all three weapons.

Scroll down to see competitive opportunities coming up or to get links to past tournaments and results.

SCF members like to fence recreationaly, but we really enjoy competing, too! Our fencers compete at levels ranging from local to national in all three weapons. Here is a sample of our competitive results.

SCF is pleased to be the host site for the second Region 1 RYC (Regional Youth Circuit) Tournament! This event will be held October 26-27, 2013. For more information, visit the RYC page.


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Our tournaments are usually sanctioned by both the American Fencing League (AFL) and the U.S. Fencing Association (USFA). You must be a member of the organization that is sanctioning the event in which you are competing. Events are clearly labled AFL or USFA. You can join either organization at any tournament. You can also join the USFA using this PDF form. Electrical épées are required for USFA competitions.

For any competition, being familiar with the rules is a good idea. You can find the AFL rules here, or for more information, visit the AFL website. Foil and sabre are fenced standard (dry; electrical sabres okay; electrical foils are not); épée is fenced electrically. If you are a USFA fencer competing at an AFL event for the first time, we have some advice for USFA fencers that you should read.

What events can I sign up for? We get this question a lot! Check the classification list to see what your classification is. The American Fencing League has information about how the classification system works on their website. If you aren't listed, you're probably a prep (first year) or novice.

AFL membership is required for all events except those marked USFA, which require USFA membership. Both types of membership are available at all tournaments.

Events are subject to change. Please pre-register early. We may change the tournament venue or cancel certain events based on the number of pre-registrations as of the Wednesday before the tournament. Please double-check details on AskFred or call 503-375-9209 before traveling to an event.

If you would like to volunteer to help at a tournament, you can either sign up at the salle or email Jill Summers.

Upcoming SCF tournaments

February 8th - Winter Epee Extravaganza

  • Events:
    • Senior Open Epee
    • Youth Epee
    • Wheelchair Epee
    • One-Touch AFL Epee
    • Team Epee
  • Register online at

May 17 - Russ Heggen Memorial

  • Events:
    • AFL Open Foil
    • AFL Open Saber
    • AFL Open One-Touch Epee
    • Team Three-Weapon
  • Register online at

July 26 - Too Hot to Handle

  • Events:
    • Senior Open Epee
    • AFL One-Touch Epee
    • Youth Electrical Foil
    • Youth Electrical Saber
  • Register online at

Previous 2013-2014 SCF tournaments

Get Schooled - September 28

  • Events
    • Mixed Novice AFL one-touch Epee
    • Mixed Prep AFL Foil
    • Y12 Mixed Epee
    • D & Under Senior Mixed Epee
  • Results can be found online at

Results from previous seasons










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